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Do you want to see what your future home could look like even before it is designed? Do you like the furniture from our IMA collection, but would like to see how it will integrate into your home environment?

In the constant process of innovation, the Something Group started to make virtual reality available to the customers of its companies, with emphasis on the architectural projects developed at Something Imaginary and the IMA furniture collection.

With a "simple" pair of glasses, our customers were able to "travel" through the environments of our projects, thus being able to get to know the environments of the different types of housing and choose the one they like the most, and stop imagining or dreaming about a certain environment that is then different when it is realized.

Another advantage of the virtual reality we make available is the possibility of changing the project of your house, after "entering" it and concluding that, after all, a certain detail or an option that seemed to be the most adequate, produces a different effect in reality, which can be modified in the project when it is being developed.

Likewise, our new tool allows you to appreciate the IMA furniture line in a given environment or go through different scenarios, which will give you an idea of what type of furniture best suits the style of your property.

Link to IMA Collection VR visualization:

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